We exist to unite independent thinkers through a great flavour experience.

Our approach is to be independent in everything we do – questioning convention and positioning ourselves against the ordinary. We seek real collaborations and partnerships with people who do the same.

We are a bohemian bunch, authentically ourselves, and driven by radically thoughtful, creative and collaborative impulses. Our people are our difference, and it sure keeps things interesting.


Kentaro and NaoyaMEToA Café, Tokyo

The traditional rules no longer apply.

We don’t have customers – we enter into partnerships with people who share our passion for human connection. Our success lies in the quality of these relationships – they have always been at the heart of our brand.

In 1992, our founder Michael Allpress created a spark with a disruptive little espresso machine company in Florence, Italy. It started with a fax, and we’ve been side by side with La Marzocco ever since.

Piero Bambi & Michael Allpress Florence, Italy

Allpress and La Marzocco have the
same purpose; to satisfy the flavour
expectations of our customers.

The fax may be dead, but the power of human connection is timeless.
Alfred’s Diner Mermaid Beach, Queensland

If flavour is our tool for human connection, then the cafe is our workshop.

A great cafe is ethereal; you feel it as soon as you step through the door, but it’s almost impossible to define. Cafes are living organisms in a constant state of flux – delicately balanced and an equal representation of both the people within them and the flavour in the cup that brings them there. It takes an enormous amount of daring, vision and focus to get this balance right.

Allpress Espresso Roastery Cafe Tokyo, Japan

Violet is a meeting place – a
place to unite creative thinkers.
I’m really proud of that.


Bold, dynamic, determined, self-reliant, open. We empower our partners by sharing our expertise. We are here for the magic that happens when we come together over a delicious cup of coffee.